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Book of Chords

Adult & Non-Competitive Classes

The Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Music Festival offers Non-Competitive Classes which are open to participants of all ages, levels & styles who wish to have a fun and educational experience without the pressure of competition.  Classes are available in all divisions listed in this Syllabus. In Non-Competitive classes students will receive written and verbal feedback from the adjudicator and a Participant’s Ribbon as they would in any other class.  Performances will not be assigned a mark, and since participants are not competing, they will not receive class placements.


Adult Amateurs are welcome to join any Non-Competitive class, and Adult-Child groups can register for any Non-Competitive Ensemble class.  Adults ages 29 or older are only eligible for Non-Competitive classes.


Non-Competitive classes will be organized based on registration so that participants of similar ages, levels and styles will be grouped together. 


To register for a Non-Competitive class participants should select the appropriate Discipline they wish to be involved in (for example: Voice or Strings).  Then under Section they may select “Non-Competitive” or "Adult Amateur", and then find the Class they would like join.

* Piano – Adult is listed as its own Discipline.

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