Groups may perform whatever repertoire suits their needs. Chamber groups must have six participants or fewer per group and be self-led. 



Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your class. Upon arrival, your group will be ushered into a monitored holding room where your group will have a designated area to store belongings (instrument cases and backpacks). Please have these items touching the wall. Have someone from your group check in at the usher’s desk and submit a copy of your music. Please have this music clearly labeled with the school and group leader’s name. Once your group has their instruments ready, have them enter the performance room in an orderly manner and find a seat and wait for the class to begin. A brief tuning can take place in this holding room provided one group tunes at a time and the doors to the holding room are closed to prevent noise bleed into the performance room.



Each group will be given a set number of minutes to set up, do a brief warm up, introduce themselves, perform one selection or two contrasting selections, and receive an adjudication-workshop. It is recommended that groups plan to play no more than one third of their allotted number of minutes to allow for adequate set and workshop time. All groups must stay for the entire class so as to benefit from listening to the other ensembles and their workshops. At the end of each group’s time, they will receive their music and a certificate with their seal of standard. Seals of standard will not be announced publicly. An mp3 of the adjudication voice over will be sent to you from the festival coordinator.



At the end of the class, please exit the performance room in an orderly manner, collect your belongings, and make your way to your bus. If you are catching a school bus, should have your bus arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the end of your class. Don’t forget to collect your music before you leave!



Waterloo Region District School Board Groups must be accompanied by the required staffing supervision ratio for Cat 1-2-3 off campus trips according to the Administrative Procedure 1581 (available on the Board Website). Homeschool groups should register in the Community Group division.

School Chamber Groups


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