Classes that are level five and below are $30.00 each. Classes that are level 6-8 are $33.00 each. Classes that are level 9 and above are $36.00 each. No class will exceed eight participants. When there are more than eight participants registered for a class, they will be separated into sub-classes according to age.



Participant plays one (or two solo selection if the combined performance length of both selection is less than two minutes) from any published method book which features at least one place where the hands play together. Selections found in the current RCM syllabus are not valid. Memorization is required. Duets are not permitted.



Participants may perform selections from a past or current syllabus edition from the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada.


Preparatory A / Preparatory B

Participant plays one or two selections back to back with a brief pause. Memorization is required.


List A, B, C, D, E, Chopin and Canadian Classes

Participant plays one selection that corresponds to the level and list letter or class description. For higher level sonatas where multiple movements are required according to the syllabus, two movements. Memorization is required.


Etude Classes

For levels 1, 2, Diploma and Post-Diploma, participants must perform one etude. For levels 3-10, participants must perform two etudes back to back with a brief pause. Memorization is not required for levels 1-10. 


Popular Classes

Participants must perform a selection from a conservatory popular list. Memorization is not required.


Participants perform a repertoire selection that is or is not found on a conservatory syllabus list. Participants must enter the recital class that reflects the level they are generally enrolled in. The difficulty of the repertoire selection may be at their enrolled level or higher. Memorization is required.



Participant plays one movement of a piano concerto. The level of a concerto is determined by the music teacher. Participants in piano concerto classes will be considered for nomination for the OMFA Recorded Piano Concerto class if their age and repertoire suits the OMFA class requirements, which can be reviewed on the OMFA website: Piano concertos are held in the senior piano venue and adjudicated by the senior piano adjudicator, where there are two pianos. Memorization is required.



For non-competitive youth and adult workshops, please see the table of contents. 

Piano Solo (Virtual)

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