The workshop is a non-competitive opportunity to perform in public and receive feedback from festival adjudicators. After performing a selection of their own choice, the adjudicators will offer written and verbal feedback to the participants and class. No marks, ribbons, awards or nominations are distributed. Memorization is not required.



Both youth and amateur adult musicians may register for a non-competitive workshop.  No class will exceed eight participants. Classes will be divided into youth and adult groups where an adult is considered 18 years of age or older unless the youth and/or adult class exceeds eight participants, in which case the classes will be divided so that similarly aged persons are grouped together.



Participants should register once for every selection they wish to perform.

Non-Competitive Workshop

    • This festival will be known as the Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Music Festival. It is hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, Inc and referred to throughout the rules as "KWKMF". 
    • By registering for the KWKMF, you agree to be bound by the festival rules.
    • By registering for the KWKMF, you consent to the publishing of the participant’s name, photo and video taken by official festival media persons on the KWKMF's online and printed media outlets. 
    • Registration takes place from December 1 to January 22. Late registration takes place from January 23 to January 31 with a $10 late fee. No registrations will be accepted after January 31. The schedule is published online on February 28.
    • In addition to the class fees, registrants will be charged a flat $5 registration fee. This will appear as a ‘shipping fee’ on their receipt.
    • The KWKMF reserves the right to refuse any entry or change the program’s schedule at any time. 
    • The KWKMF does not issue refunds. Credits for the following year’s festival season may be offered in the same category and amount at the discretion of the committee, typically for injury or compassion.
    • It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that their understanding of their schedule is up to date with the information on the festival website. 
    • This KWKMF is open to amateurs only. For the purposes of the KWKMF, an amateur is a person whose primary income stream is in something other than the festival activity they are entering for.
    • For the purposes of the KWKMF, a participant's age is determined by their age on December 31st of the year prior to the year of the current festival. 
    • All participants must provide a legal copy of their music for the adjudicator. It is highly recommended that a sticky be placed on the first page of the piece being performed with the participants name written on the sticky. Because the adjudicator must view the music in order to fairly award marks in competitive classes, participants who do not provide a score for the adjudicator will not be eligible for placement ribbons; a participant ribbon will be awarded to that competitor instead. (Please note that in duet and ensemble classes, photocopied scores for the performers or adjudicators are not permitted unless the score is in the public domain).
    • Participants may not play a festival piano outside of their designated festival performance time. 
    • Participants must announce their name, the title of their selection, and the name of the composer.
    • By registering for the festival, you agree to accept all of the festival results as final. All decisions made by a festival adjudicator or concert organizer with respect to class outcome, awards, provincial delegation, and concert performer nominations are irrevocable. 
    • Making contact with an adjudicator to discuss festival-related matters is not permitted. Adjudicators are required to report such correspondence to the festival committee. 
    • Photography and cellphone usage is prohibited in all festival performance spaces.
    • Exemplary behaviour and consideration of other participants, volunteers and staff is expected at all times.
    • When one of the above rules is broken, offenders will receive a formal warning. The consequences for breaking a general rule for the second time is disqualification from all festival activities and honours including the revoking of invitations to perform and the receiving of awards and nominations.
    • Participants must enter classes at a higher level than that of their most recently completed exam, except when the most recently completed exam was taken in the year of the festival. 
    • In classes that have a level associated with them, participants must select a piece from a current or past syllabus publication that corresponds with that level. In situations where the RCM approves a piece to be played in an exam, a participant can play that piece in a class of the corresponding level and list in that year of the music festival. For this to be valid, the participant must include confirmation of the RCM's approval when they submit their score during the festival class. 
    • Participants may perform the same selection only once per festival.
    • Unless otherwise specified, participants may play only one syllabus selection per class.
    • Participants must not play selections or groups of selections longer than twenty minutes.
    • If the RCM or CC syllabus requires multiple movements for a selection, the same number of movements must be played in the festival class to a maximum of two movements. 
    • If memory is required for the music exam, the piece must be performed from memory in the festival.
    • If live accompaniment is required for the music exam, the piece must be performed with live accompaniment in the festival.
    • Participants must supply a published or public domain score at their festival class in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act. 
    • If your class requires you to play multiple selections, play them back to back with a brief pause.
    • It is recommended that repeats not be observed unless they significantly influence the structure of the piece (for example: minute and trio movements).
    • It is recommended that participants wear attire appropriate for performing.
    • Participants who do not perform according to class requirements will not be disqualified. However, they will only receive comments, a mark and a participant ribbon, but will not be eligible to place first, second or third amongst that class’s participants.
    • There is no penalty for being absent from a festival class.
    • For vocal classes, selections must be sung in their original language. Vocal selections may be transposed to suit the participant's voice. 
    • In piano etude classes, the participant must perform the same number of etudes that they would perform for a practical examination. In piano popular classes, selections performed in the popular classes should be chosen from the RCM Popular Syllabus or the CC Contemporary Idioms Syllabus. Participants who have completed the Diploma level practical exam must enter Open classes. 
    • The annual concerto competition runs on a three-year cycle featuring strings, winds-brass-vocal, and piano. The festival website will indicate which division is being featured in the upcoming festival. The participant must perform a single movement from a multi-movement work for solo instrument and orchestra or a single-movement work for solo instrument and orchestra. The orchestral parts must be public domain and be available on www.IMSLP.org. The participant must be available to perform their concerto live with the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Orchestra in the event that they win the competition.


    Large ensembles (school groups, community groups, and choirs) will be awarded a gold, silver or bronze seal of standard according to the discretion of the adjudicator which will be placed on a certificate of participation.


    Participants in competitive solo and chamber classes will be awarded ribbons where the highest mark receives a first place ribbon, the second highest mark receives a second place ribbon, the third highest mark receives a third place ribbon, and all other participants receive a participant ribbon. Participants may tie for first, second and third place. A mark of 80 or higher must be achieved in order to receive a first place ribbon. In addition to the receiving of ribbons, each participant will receive a seal of standard according to their individual mark where a mark of 80-84 will receive a bronze seal of standard, a mark of 85-89 will receive a silver seal of standard, a mark of 90-94 will receive a gold seal of standard, and a mark of 95 or higher will receive a double gold seal of standard. The seal of standard is placed on the adjudicator’s comment sheet, which the participant will receive at the end of each class. The class results will be announced as follows: third place, second place, and finally first place as well as the first placement’s seal of standard.


    Non-competitive classes will receive no mark for their performance and will receive a participant ribbon along with the adjudicator’s comments.


    Thanks to generous donations made by the Kiwanis Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, several long-time major donors, and many donations by individuals each year, the festival administers the distribution of financial awards to deserving festival participants based on adjudicator decision. At the beginning of each festival, the adjudicators are made aware the awards available for awarding within their particular division. Each division is allotted an amount of award money that reflects that division’s enrolment. At the end of the festival, the adjudicators select the winners of each award. The names of the award recipients are posted on the results page of the festival website. The award recipients are also notified by email and invited to attend the finale concert, where they pick up their award package at the end of the concert and participate in the award-recipient group photo. Award package contain a cheque with the participants name on it and a letter indicating the award donor and their mailing address. Award recipients are required to write a thank you letter to the donor of their award. Recipients of the Allan Bush top awards ($500) are required to participate in the finale concert to receive their award on stage. Each year, between $8,000 and $15,000 is awarded to deserving festival participants depending on donations. Award recipient who do not pick up their award will have it mailed to them. Expired award cheques are not reissued.

    Trophies are awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators. Recipients have their name and year inscribed on the trophy base. Individuals who win trophies are required to attend the finale concert in order to receive their trophy on stage. Recipients then keep the trophy for the year and return the trophy to the festival office during the following year’s festival. A keeper plaque is included.

    The Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Music Festival is a feeder festival for the Ontario Music Festival Association Provincial Competition. At the end of each festival, adjudicators nominate two delegates as well as two ordered runner-ups in each level that is level six or higher. Delegates are notified via email by the festival coordinator. When one of the two original delegates declines their delegation, the first runner up is invited to attend in their place, and so on. Those who accept their delegation will be required to submit their application form (which must be signed by the adjudicator) and their OMFA enrolment fee in very short order as the turn around time from nomination to application deadline is quite brief. Provincial Delegates are honoured in the finale concert during the Provincial Delegate Medal Ceremony. Those who do not attend the ceremony may pick up their medal at the pickup location. Provincial delegates will be invited to perform one selection from their provincial program at the Provincial Delegate Showcase Concert, to be held at the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society. 

    The finale concert program aims to celebrate the achievement of all festival participants by featuring excellent performances representing as many divisions, levels, genres and styles as possible. Adjudicators nominate performances from their division and then a committee selects the finale concert program from the collective list of adjudicator-nominated performers. Performers are invited to performing the finale concert by email. Performers requiring piano accompaniment are welcome to hire their own accompanist or use the festival-hired accompanist for which there will be one rehearsal earlier in the day on the day of the finale concert.


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