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Music Sheets

2022 OMFA Provincial Delegates

Congratulations to the talented group of students who represented the KW Kiwanis Music Festival at the Provincial level!

See below for a list of delegates and class standings:

Book of Chords

Piano Delegates

Level 1 Piano

Kinza McAuliffe

Addison Schmale - Honourable Mention

Riona Berbatovci


Level 2 Piano

Jane Jiaying Ye - 2nd Place

Sophia Huang


Level 3 Piano

Brina Luo

Katelyn Gong - 3rd Place

Level 4 Piano

Kevin Tong


Level 5 Piano

Aftab Jamal

Aris Hok-Hin Chan - 2nd Place


Level 6 Piano

Adrian Golab

Cara Huang

Xintong Huang - Honourable Mention


Level 7 Piano

Aileen Gao

Qihao (Henry) Li - 3rd Place

Yisong Wan - Honourable Mention


Level 8 Piano

Jessica Park - 3rd Place

Sebastian Hamper Addis - 3rd Place

Sude Borjigin

Level 9 Piano

Bailee Bai

Gabriel Singaraja - 3rd Place

Parasmai Conjeevaram - 3rd Place

Level 10 Piano

Jesse Jiexi He

Cindy Yu - Honourable Mention

Kohei Ariizumi - Honourable Mention

Diploma Piano

Jin Lee

Sam Domzella - 3rd Place

Open Piano

Brendan Wong - Honourable Mention 

Yitong Wan - Honourable Mention

Primary Piano Concerto 

Timothy Denau

Junior Piano Concerto 

Jesse Jiexi He

Advanced Piano Concerto 

Yitong Wan - 1st Place

Sam Domzella - 3rd Place

Junior Piano Duets 

Brianna Liang and Chelsea Liang 

 - 3rd Place

Kevin Park and Solomon Chung

- 1st Place

Strings Delegates


Level 7 Lower Strings

Olivier Joyce - Honourable Mention

Yisong Wan - Honourable Mention


Open Lower Strings

Yitong Wan - 1st Place

Level 10 Upper Strings

Kasumi Yajima - 2nd Place

Lauren Da-Hyun Lee

Honourable Mention


Level 3 Upper Strings

Maggie Shen 

Level 4 Upper Strings

Jesse Capling


Level 5 Upper Strings

Cailyn Huang - Honourable Mention

Joy Shiyu He

Level 6 Upper Strings

Lilia Biswas

Selina Yin

Seung Whan Song

Level 7 Upper Strings

Hannie Hipel - 3rd Place

Jesse Jiexi He

Level 8 Upper Strings

Sebastian Hamper Addis

Level 9 Upper Strings

Aftab Jamal - Honourable Mention

Winds Delegates

Level 3 Woodwinds

Roman Hastings-Misanchuk

- 2nd Place

Level 4 Woodwinds

Charlayne Palmon

Rebecca Savescu - 3rd Place

Level 5 Woodwinds

Aadrika Bhakt - Honourable Mention

Level 8 Woodwinds

Micah De Vito - 1st Place

Level 9 Woodwinds

Annika Nehaniv-Dautenhahn

Honourable Mention

Vocal Delegates

Level 3 Classical Voice

Sophie Karigiannis

Level 8 Classical Voice

Kiana Sparks-Montemayor

Advanced Music Theatre

Cailin Younger - Honourable Mention

Esther Adams

Beginner Music Theatre

Natalie Golod

Elementary Music Theatre

Aubrey Kailan

Lucas Way

Michaela Saunders - Honourable Mention

Intermediate Musical Theatre

Caleigh De Vito

Samantha Tice - Honourable Mention

Sarah DaSilva - 3rd Place

Junior Musical Theatre

Chihiro (Kiki) Beniston

Isabelle Aboagye - 1st Place

Victoria Payne

Primary Music Theatre

Josephine Nojd 

Elementary Popular Voice

Finlay Cofell

Nash Scharlach

Quesara Karim

Intermediate Popular Voice

Elyse Armstrong - Honourable Mention

Eryn Simoes - 1st Place

Holly Sostaric-Higgins

Junior Popular Voice

Azlan McAuliffe

Isabelle Aboagye - 1st Place

Rebecca Addison Faerman - Honourable Mention


Primary Popular Voice

Brooklyn Labreche - 3rd Place

Senior Popular Voice

Sage Scharlach

Grades 8 & Under - School Choir

Concordia German Language Kinderchor

 - 1st Place

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