Click to upload your sheet music & video links or to schedule your workshop:

Sheet Music files must be submitted by March 20th, 2022.

Video Performance links must be submitted by April 17, 2022.

(Videos may be submitted along with the sheet music)

**Please do not email your repertoire and videos.  Videos must be uploaded to Youtube and submitted as a link.

See below for important guidelines for music files and video recordings:


Sheet Music Guidelines:

  • Sheet Music must be saved as a PDF file 

  • One single PDF file must be submitted for each class registration.  For classes that require 2 selections to be performed (ex. Etudes, Recital, Method Book & Preparatory classes) both pieces must be included in one PDF file.  Do not put music for different classes in the same file.

  • PDF File Names should be follow the format:

    • "Student Name -  Division - Class"                                      (ex. "Jane Smith - Piano - Level 2 List B")

Video Performance Guidelines:

  • Video cameras must remain stationary, with a full body view of the performer.  For pianists both the hands and feet should be visible.  Position music stands so they do not block the view of the face and hands, or any other moving parts

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, with the link set to "Unlisted" and "No, it's not made for kids"

  • The video title should follow the format: First & Last Name plays Title by Composer, for Instrument/Level/Class. 

  • Videos must include a spoken introduction that includes the performer's Name, Title, Composer and Instrument/Level/Class

  • A separate video/link must be submitted for each class registration

  • For classes that require the performance of 2 selections, participants should say the titles and composers of both selections in the order that they will be played in their introduction. They must also play both selections in one video, with a brief pause between pieces.