Frequently Asked Questions

Class Procedures

How do I attend my festival zoom class?

  1. Go to the festival website (
  2. Locate the division which your class belongs to. (if you do not know your division, find your class on the posted schedule, and then scroll up slowly until you reach a heading).
  3. The division heading includes the division title, the adjudicator's name, the adjudicator's photo, and a button that says "ZOOM''.
  4. Click the button that says "ZOOM"
  5. Wait in the waiting room until the secretary admits you into the zoom room.
  6. Aim to be in the waiting room about 5 minutes prior to the start of your class.

What steps do I need to take to prepare for my festival class?

  • If you do not have a zoom account, we recommend using Google Chrome as a browser
  • While it is not a requirement, having your instrumen (and backtrack, if you used one in your video) at hand might be useful to the adjudicator if they wish to try something out during the verbal adjudication
  • Attend your festival class in a common and neutral space (not a bedroom with the door closed, for example)
  • Set up your space so that your face is well-lit
  • Place your device so that its camera sees you well (near eye level, not below)
  • Make sure your devices are charged
  • Make sure you are attending your class from a location that has a solid internet connection
  • Ask those using the same internet connection as you to take a break during your festival class
  • Turn off any apps, windows, or anything that might be streaming or causing lag within your device
  • Connecting directly to your modem is a great option for connectivity
  • Optimise your zoom audio settings
  • Set your zoom display name to the participant's first and last name

Who can attend my festival zoom class?

  • Participants in your class or in classes that are scheduled at the same time as yours will be the primary persons attending your festival zoom classes
  • There will be one festival secretary at your festival zoom class who will let you in and proctor the event
  • The adjudicator will attend your festival zoom class
  • One or more festival volunteers may also attend your zoom festival class
  • Parents and guardians of participants are welcome to sit with the participant and be on screen or sit off to the side and listen without being on screen
  • Non-participants (such as a much teacher or a great-uncle) on different devices may also join the festival zoom classes, just like a non-participant could be an audience member in a normal live festival class.

What will happen in my festival zoom class?

  1. The festival secretary will fascilitate the beginning of the class by introducing the adjudicator, making a few announcements and then turning the class over to the adjudicator.
  2. Upon the adjudicator's invitation, the secretary will play the first participant's video for everyone present to see.
  3. The adjudicator will write their adjudication comments at this time. They may take several minutes after each video to complete their comments. Please be patient!
  4. Upon the adjudicator's invitation, the secretary will play the second participant's video, and so on until all of the participant's videos have been played and their adjudication comments completed.
  5. Next, the adjudicator will offer verbal comments to the class.
  6. Finally, the adjudicator will announce the class results in the following manner: third place, second place, and finally first place as well as the first placement’s seal of standard.
  7. After much applause and celebration, the secretary will make a few final announcements and then invite the participants and audience members to exit out of the venue, thus completing the class.

    Note that late-comers will be admitted to the class between performances.

My class is at the same time as someone else's. Is this a mistake?

Some festival zoom events include multiple classes. In these cases, the participants will hear each other's performances and comments (the intention is that this provide a higher quality educational experience). Please note that participants will continue to receive placement ribbons within their own individual classes.

What if I cannot attend my festival zoom class?

Your video performance will still be played. You will still receive your written comments and be eligible for placing within your class. You will also continue to be eligible for awards and nominations.


What will happen after my festival zoom class?

  • Each participant will be mailed a festival package with their adjudications and other loot (this may take some weeks)
  • Results will be posted on the festival website once they have been processed
  • Award and trophy winners will be acknowledged on the festival website
  • Provincial nominees will receive an email indicating their nomination

Information about results, awards and nominations

  • The results of festival classes will be posted on the festival website at the conclusion of all festival classes
  • Award winners, provincial delegates, and finale concert nominees will be contacted via email to inform them of their status
  • Final lists of these persons will be posted on the festival website
  • Awards (cheques) will be mailed to the participants
  • No provincial delegate medals will be distributed this year
  • Trophies will be delivered to the homes of the trophy winners after they have been inscribed

Is there a finale concert this year?

Yes! It will be a YouTube video that can be freely distributed. Note that no music under copyright will be performed in this video. The performers are nominated to be in the finale concert by the adjduicators throughout the course of the festival, after which a music selection committee meets to make a program out of all nominated perofmrances. All featured performers will be asked for permission for their content to be featured.

What will be in my festival package?

  • Written adjudications
    • The marks are written on the adjudication sheets
    • The placements are written on the adjudication sheets
    • The seal of standard is placed on the adjudication sheets
  • Placement and particpant ribbons associated with each written adjudication
  • A note of encouragement from the Volunteer-Participant Matching Initiative (unless you opted to obstain
  • Awards, if they were received
  • A Kiwanis club newsletter, an invitation to join the club, and an invitation to donate
  • An invitation to view the finale concert online


How can I optimize my zoom audio settings?

  • In Audio Settings, click "Show in-meeting option to "Turn On Original Sound" from microphone (to find your audio settings, locate the image of the microphone in the bottom left corner and click the ˆ symbol)
  • Exit out of audio settings
  • In your regular zoom screen, click the box of text in the top left corner that says "Turn On or Off Original Sound" so that it rests on the text "Turn Off Original Sound". This will make sure that the original sound is turned on.

Can I record my festival zoom class?

It will not be possible for festival participants or any other party to record a festival zoom class. This feature will be disabled. Further, recording a festival zoom class using any other device or means is strictly prohibited.

What should my display name be in zoom?

  • As a participant, your display name in zoom should be exactly the same as what you entered in your festival registration.
  • For example, do not have a display name like "h333xxxx". The secretary will not know who you are! The secretary needs to know who you are so that when they let you into the room, they will allow you to have your audio and video settings on :)
  • To change your display name in zoom, sign in to your zoom account or open the zoom app, click on "Profile" in the left side menu, click on the blue "Edit" option to the right of your current display name, and then change the name to the same name the participnat is known by for the purposes of this music festival.
  • Note that the display name does not have to match the name of the owner of the zoom account. If you are using your parent's account or some other person's account, changing the display name can be a temporary affair.

I can't get into my zoom class!

Try this link instead. Elementary Piano Junior Piano Intermediate Piano Senior Piano Violin Cello Classical Vocal Music Theatre / CCM Brass Woodwinds Guitar Composition Choir


What is the volunteer-participant matching initative?

This is a unique initiative in which our vast and enthusastic volunteer team will receive the links of some participants. Keeping the participant's performance links confidential, they will watch the performances and offer encouraging to the participant in some creative way. Most volunteers will write the participants letters or cards that will be distributed to the participant through the festival administration.