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Composition Program

Composition Classes will be scheduled during the week of April 22nd to 27th, 2024.

See below for more information about our composition classes including fees, class levels, due dates, rules and regulations.

It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with class guidelines prior to registering for classes.

Composition Program

Composition Class Levels & Fees                         


  • Beginner (Ages 9 & under) - $30

  • Junior (Ages 10-13) - $33

  • Intermediate (Ages 14-18) - $36

  • Senior (Ages 19 & above) - $39

  • Non-Competitive - $30

Composition Class Options


  • Solo Composition (1 instrument)

  • Ensemble Composition (2 or more instruments)

Composition Rules & Regulations

Failure to follow the Rules & Regulations below will disqualify participants from receiving a mark or class placement.  Participants may still receive written and verbal evaluations from the adjudicator.

Age Levels    Participant must enter the level based on their age as of December 31st, 2023.

Age Limits        Competitive classes are open to participants up to the age of 28 as of December 31, 2023.  Adults aged 29+ are only eligible for non-competitive classes.

Composition Guidelines              A composition is considered an original piece of music written and notated by the participant. Any instrumentation is acceptable. The notation must be in standard notation or a type of notation that exists within the spirit of the varied idioms typical of composition.  Charts are not considered a suitable form of notation for this class (please ask the coordinator about the singer-songwriter class and how it differs from the composition class if you are composing original songs in a popular idiom). 


Improvised Elements                   As a general guideline, no more than 10% of the composition should be improvised, if the composition includes a portion of live improvisation.


Performance/Recordings            Participants may choose to either perform their composition live or may provide an audio file in MP3 format (see below regarding Submission Requirements). A piano or keyboard will be available for composition classes.  Live performances may include up to 4 performers (to be arranged for and organized by the participant), and performers must bring their own instruments and music stands.  Classes will not be evaluated based on the skill level of the performers and will be evaluated solely on the merits of the composition itself.


Multiple Registrations   Participants may register multiple times for a composition class and must submit one (1) composition per registration.  Those who register multiple times will receive a mark and written evaluation for each piece but will only be eligible for one class placement.  For example, if a student submits two (2) compositions and receives the two (2) highest marks in the class, they will only be awarded 1st Place (2nd Place will be awarded to another participant with the next highest mark).


Submission Requirements          Participants must email a PDF of their composition (handwritten or computer-generated) as well as an audio file in MP3 or WAV format to by March 31st of the year of the festival. Please mark this deadline on your calendars as soon as you have completed your registration.  A reminder email with instructions will also be sent to registrants.

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